Yurei-zu Blade and 4-Metal Jacket Mokume Higonomaki

Sale price$600.00

I love the marriage of High Tech and Traditional Processes.  Higo(s) have a rich history - since only the upper echelon of Japanese society could own a sword - folding friction folders filled the gap for mostly the working class.  These worry-stone pieces of art are a pleasure to use and to hold. 

The blade has a Yurei-zu finish on O1 steel.  It's a forced rust process that protects the high carbon blade.  The Mokume is a 4 metal fold that will darken and color to your unique chemistry throughout the years.  The oils in your hand will create something unique.  These are about 2 ½ inches closed with different patterns of Mokume.  No two are ever the same.

Size: Round Handle Mokume

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