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Al Br BarloX with M390 Blade - for a short time Dealer's CostAl Br BarloX with M390 Blade - for a short time Dealer's Cost
ALIEN SCALPEL - Ti and UltemALIEN SCALPEL - Ti and Ultem
Aluminum Zulu SpearAluminum Zulu Spear
Aluminum Zulu Spear Sale price$285.00
Sold out
AZTEC OB (Onna-Bugeisha) Modern Front FlipperAZTEC OB (Onna-Bugeisha) Modern Front Flipper
BMT MOTF XL Sale price$350.00
Sold out
Brown Micarta Shamsher “Paw Claw” Lever Release AutoBrown Micarta Shamsher “Paw Claw” Lever Release Auto
Cerakote King of Spades SkullsCerakote King of Spades Skulls
Sold out
Circuit SquareheadsCircuit Squareheads
Circuit Squareheads Sale price$450.00
Deep Black GODZILLA SquareHead Automatic
Deep-Etched Dragon Eye SquareHead AutomaticDeep-Etched Dragon Eye SquareHead Automatic
DRD Harlock Ghost CamoDRD Harlock Ghost Camo
DRD Harlock Ghost Camo Sale price$350.00
DRD Kadima Plain TitaniumDRD Kadima Plain Titanium
DRD Kadima Plain Titanium Sale price$275.00
DRD Slip Joints TitaniumDRD Slip Joints Titanium
DRD Slip Joints Titanium Sale price$185.00
DRD Squarehead Astro BoyDRD Squarehead Astro Boy
DRD Squarehead Astro Boy Sale price$375.00
Sold out
DRD Squarehead Joker CardDRD Squarehead Joker Card
DRD Squarehead Joker Card Sale price$600.00
DRD Squarehead King CardDRD Squarehead King Card
DRD Squarehead King Card Sale price$600.00
Sold out
DRD Squarehead R2D2DRD Squarehead R2D2
DRD Squarehead R2D2 Sale price$375.00
Sold out
Droid SquareHead AutomaticDroid SquareHead Automatic
Droid SquareHead Automatic Sale priceFrom $375.00
Sold out
Exotic Zirc and Timascus OB (Onna-Bugeisha) Modern Front FlipperExotic Zirc and Timascus OB (Onna-Bugeisha) Modern Front Flipper
Harlock California Legal Auto(s)Harlock California Legal Auto(s)
Harlock California Legal Auto(s) Sale priceFrom $225.00
J&T - Carbon Fiber JupiterJ&T - Carbon Fiber Jupiter
J&T - Carbon Fiber Jupiter Sale price$250.00
Jupiter- Old school TOONS!Jupiter- Old school TOONS!
Jupiter- Old school TOONS! Sale price$650.00
KatanaO Manual OTF - A Great EDC KnifeKatanaO Manual OTF - A Great EDC Knife
Sold out
King Skull Katana XLKing Skull Katana XL
King Skull Katana XL Sale price$725.00