Carbon Fiber MaximX EDC Flipper

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The issue is minor - the lock bar is polished and rounded so some people have issues closing with one hand but two hand is not an issue. Blake at Griffworx milled out a cut out.  It’s a $400 plus knife for $250 because of my extreme standards.

The Satin Blade MaximX (SpaceXi) Flipper version 1 is the LARGE brother of the SpaceX.  The MaximX is the second version of the SpaceX that runs on bearings that allows it to almost fly open.  Its complexity is in its simplicity.  It is sleek and simple, but with a complex 6 face grind with fuller.  

It is a modern take on your grandfather’s pocketknife.  It is a pleasure to hold and use.  The Blade is VG10 high grade knife steel and the handles are textured G10 and Carbon Fiber.  It is 3.25 inches blade and 4.40 inches closed. Find video of it in action at D Rocket Design Instagram Page. 


Handle material: Carbon fiber