Sumo Mbambo Art Flipper folding knife (Large) w/ Clip

Sale price$450.00

Introducing the Sumo Mbambo CRKT (SpaceXi) Flipper Version 1, the larger sibling of the SpaceX family. The MaximX represents the second iteration of the SpaceX series, boasting an innovative bearing system that allows for smooth and near-effortless blade deployment. Its beauty lies in its elegant simplicity, combining a sleek design with the intricacy of a six-face grind featuring a fuller. This pocketknife offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic, cherished by your grandfather, making it a joy to hold and use.

The MaximX features a premium M390 high-grade knife steel blade, measuring 3.25 inches in length when deployed and 4.40 inches when closed. To witness its exceptional performance in action, check out our video on the  D Rocket Design Instagram Page.

Handle material: DRD-KNF-CRKT-SUMOB

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