Tiger Titanium “007” Q Branch California Legal OTF

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Introducing the Tiger Titanium 007, a precision-engineered OTF (Out the Front) automatic knife designed in collaboration with Griffworx Machine Shop, compliant with California's legal requirements. This compact yet formidable blade boasts a just-under-2-inch M390 steel dagger grind, combining tactical and combat-ready attributes with a refined and harmonious design.

The handle is crafted from titanium and features a satin-finished blade for an added touch of elegance. Additionally, we are pleased to announce a limited production run with steel and titanium handles to cater to various preferences. With an overall length of 5 inches, the Tiger Titanium 007 is both compact and versatile.

To witness the exceptional action of this knife, please visit our Instagram Page at D Rocket Design for a video demonstration.

Please note that the Tiger Titanium 007 is not a toy and is intended for serious use. We warmly welcome military and emergency organizations interested in placing large groups or special orders.

To purchase, buyers must be 18 or older and are responsible for knowing and complying with knife laws in their respective state, country, or community. We do not offer refunds in cases where local laws result in the confiscation of the OTF knife. Rest assured, all our OTFs undergo strict quality control, and refunds will only be issued in cases of damage during delivery. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Find a video of it in action on D Rocket Design's Instagram Page.

Style: Dagger

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