About D Rocket Design

D Rocket Design bringing you creative Designs from the Edge of the Milky Way :)

About Me

I am a Engineer by trade; a writer, designer and creator by passion; and a [ Garage Entrepreneur ] by the simple reality of my situation.

We all have dreams or something that drives us. I am no different. I write Science Fiction and dabble in Haiku poetry. I have loved all things mechanical and I am fascinated with technology. I have been collecting designing and creating small pocket folders and pens for awhile now; and as technology has increased and open doors – I have walked through, using CAD, 3D software, CNC and EDM to make my designs real.

I have a job that is also love. I have been an Electrical and Electronic Engineer for the last 24 years and I am loving every minute of it.

I have two great children who also want to be scientist, engineers and computer experts who never fail to give me insights into my designs and into the world as a whole.

And I have a wife who supports almost all the crazy ideas I come up with:)

Gathering Knowledge

We all don’t get here or there alone. We have mentors, teachers and pathfinders that we all build upon.  I had the honor and pleasure to have a mother, father and those that came before them who had a strong affinity with art and working with their hands.  That loved the pursuit of knowledge and the study of the natural world around them.  They were the start, but makers such as Timothy Wright, Terry Davis, TerryLee Renner, Ron Lake, Jim Corrado and James Whitehead took me under their wings and I believe their skill and attention to detail shows in my work.

On the Scene like a Rocket

Two years later of hitting the knife circuit – I won several awards – Best New Maker at the Oregon Knife Show and the Bay Area Knife Show.  I kept my style as it is now – Balance and Zen.

Bigger Things

Through 2004 to 2013 I left to scene to raise my children.  I still was in my shop, but it was more for a sanity check.  I wrote Sci Fi, I developed my designs and I read to my children:)

6…5…4..3…2…1…0…BLAST OFF!

Since 2013 I came back to Design and Knifemaking with a vengeance – literally!  I had something to prove. Everything under the sun has been seen before.  We only put our own spin on it.  I came back not only to put my stamp on things, but to educate, mentor and create a honorable business that stands the test of time.

I put time into deciphering old techniques to marry them with cutting edge technology.  Lost Wax with 3D Printing – Japanese Patina Techniques with Modern Chemical Processes – Old Designs with the twist of the Future.

D Rocket Design is taking my designs and ideas, but respecting the past, the present and the future.