Angler Owl EDC Flipper Knife Collaboration (Limited 2)

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Only two are made of Harpuhound Art Angler Fish Owl.  This is an exciting international collaboration with Knifemaker Taupik Hidayat of SG Knives from Jakarta-Indonesia.  D Rocket created the design and SG Knives brought it to life.  It is a chisel hollow ground Elmax blade with titanium scales.  It is slim and unassuming, but just like a Japanese sword does to confuse simplicity with its quality and usability.  It is a great carry as well as a collectible piece.  We will be adding a deep-etched Owl Logo, our names, serial number, birthdate, and blade steel.  Front Flipper.

Knives will get to me in about 3 weeks and then go to Laser to get marked - add another 2 weeks.  So knives will be delivered in February.

Elmax blade 1.5inch

blade thickness 0.118 inch 

full titanium handle & hardware

ceramic bearing & detent 

closed 2.6inch

weight 65grams

Title: Angler 1

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