Droid SquareHead Automatic

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 The Droid Art Collaboration SquareHead Automatic with Way of the Knife and artist Debra Designs is an evolution of my one-side handle model that Spyderco Knives sold.  The CA legal is quirky but still an excellent EDC Blade.  The Blade is a little under 2 inches in M390 steel – a blade that screams tactical and combat but with the clean elegant lines of pure harmony.  The handle is titanium  The OAL is 4.5  inches. Find a video of it in action on the D Rocket Design Instagram Page.

PLEASE RESPECT THE BLADE – THIS IS NOT A TOY.  Military and Emergency organizations welcome large groups and special orders.

***You must be 18 years of age to order this and it is up to the buyer to know the knife laws in their state, country, or community.  No refunds will be given if any breaking of local laws ends up confiscating the Automatic.  Have been QC’ed – no refunds will be given unless there was damage in delivery.***

Handle material: Satin Blade

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