Sale price$125.00

Availability is limited.  About 1 month out - best guess!

Even though not every build meets all our standards, this knife remains strikingly beautiful, featuring an M390 blade and one-piece titanium handles for a sleek, stylish appearance.

The Business Man Tactical (BMT) prototype falls just short of my quality expectations due to slight blade play—a common trait in many OTF knives. Despite this, these knives are excellent options for everyday carry, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Instead of discarding these prototypes, I'm considering marketing them as "seconds." It feels excessive to destroy them over a minor issue, particularly when it only affects their suitability for full retail pricing at $350.

Currently, they're being laser-marked with the Alien Skull and Crossbones, which designates them as a D Rocket second. Additionally, a copper shim has been added to significantly reduce blade play. They're about a month away from being ready, but I've set up a preorder for anyone interested in reserving one. 

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